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Living In North Pole, Alaska has its rewards and challenges. For the most part the weather is amazing here. Just colder than most like. But, we don't really get any tornadoes, hurricanes, windstorms, hail storms, heavy snow or heat waves.

The wildlife is amazing and surrounds you all the time, everyday. Moose, Eagles and Geese are daily visitors.

It's very dark and cold for the winters. Balanced by three months of perfect Summer weather in the 70’s and it doesn't get dark for months.

This perfect Summer weather and 24 hrs of sunlight allows the Alaska Peony to grow larger, stronger and produce more blooms. Our short, late summers mean that our Peony blooms become available later in the year than anywhere else in the world. Filling a previous gap in traditional Peony sales, this time of year. Summertime Peonies!

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Alaska Grown

Alaska Grown

North Pole, Alaska is where we live and grow our peonies. An important factor when ordering your flowers. This promotes American jobs in an American industry and economy. Made in the U.S.A.