Alaska Summertime Peonies

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Here at the Summertime Peony farm

We strive to achieve a balance here at Summertime Peonies. A balance of give and take. We expect a lot from our plants. To grow three feet in just six weeks and produce a couple dozen blooms per plant, per year.

To achieve this miracle of growth and production requires a lot of sun, constant composting and regeneration of soils. Aquaponic live watering and feeding of the plants. A long term, naturally sustainable system.

To give back we give each plant immense personal attention. A natural approach to organic soil, constant feeding and living water. Raising free range animals who help keep the weeds down and 20 hours of sunlight doesn't hurt either.

Some of our Gorgeous Arrangements

A Peek Into Our Harvesting, Packing & Shipping Process

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Alaska Grown

Alaska Grown

North Pole, Alaska is where we live and grow our peonies. An important factor when ordering your flowers. This promotes American jobs in an American industry and economy. Made in the U.S.A.